Student Life

A broad education cannot be confined with the walls at the classroom. Our excellence in academic study is complimented by an extensive range of innovative sessions and extra-curricular activities in order to involve students and channelize their energy and enterprise. Our students are divided into four houses- Shakthi, Shrishti, Siddhi and Spoorthi. They help to develop a well-rounded individual with the skills of teamwork, determination, co-operation, self-discipline, responsibility and awareness of others.



There is a sport activity for everyone here. The Jain International School has a fine sporting tradition of which we are very proud. Professional sports trainers are appointed to provide scientifically designed curriculum emphasizing over all development to participate and challenge themselves in the various sports activities.

Every individual can gain much from the experience of teamwork and leadership which sporting competition provides both during their time at school and in their adult lives. Sports activity further fuel their interest by actively taking part in the National Sports Day celebration program. The objective is to promote the sportsmanship spirit among the students and to create awareness among the people of Bangarpet stressing the importance of sports at TJIS.



To uplift the positive mindset created by the academic curriculum and sports, an added boost is provided through clubs linguistic, Eco-Science, Fine arts, Math-Tech and Performing Arts are some of the clubs formed that encourage students to perceive and develop their talent in the field of Arts, Music, Dance, Drama or Craft.

Co-curricular Activities


Every child is born with potential and unique in exhibiting his/her own hidden talent. By giving them an opportunity makes the child independent and supreme in character building. We, the CCA team made an effort to show case their talent. We thank our beloved principal ma’am for the motivation and encouragement. We also thank all our co-teachers for their kind support and involvement in making all the activities a grand success.